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thumbnail of SPA Constitution SEPT 2015

Adopted in July 2014, as developed by Elliot Davies (Development Officer 2014-15).

This document was amended in April 2015 to increase the remit of the SPA to the Republic of Ireland. This amendment was proposed by Kylie Noble (Northern Ireland Officer 2014-15) at the AGM and passed by a general members vote.

Also amended April July 2015 to include details on financial officers. Amendment proposed by Jem Collins (Chair 2015-16) and seconded by Bree Allegretti (Digital Media Officer 2014-16)

Updated to current form in September 2015, as ratified by National Conference in April 2016.

Motion 1501 – Unpaid Internships Stance

This motion was proposed by Jem Collins, (Chair 2015-16) and was seconded by Jon May (Development Officer 2015-16). It was passed by majority in a blind exec ballot on 22 August 2015.


Current Accounts

These accounts are updated within 30 days of payments being received or paid. They are maintained by the Student Publication Association’s nominated Financial Officers.

2015 – 2016 Accounts

These accounts were submitted by Jem Collins, Chair 2015-16.

2014 – 2015 Accounts

These accounts were submitted by Sophie Davies, Chair 2014-15 for the 2014-15 period.

Agendas and Minutes

MINUTES: Officers and Committee, August 31, 2015
AGENDA: Officers and Committee, August 31, 2015
MINUTES: Officers and Committee June, 8, 2015
AGENDA: Officers and Committee June 8, 2015
MINUTES: Officers and Committee May 17, 2015
MINUTES: Committee, May 5, 2015
MINUTES: AGM April 12, 2015