The Student Publication Association aims to be as accountable and transparent as possible and aims to publish documents as contemporaneously as is practicable, allowing our members to review the work we do and ensure we are meeting the standards they expect from us.

Should you have any queries which are not answered by the documents on this page, please contact and we will aim to assist you as soon as possible.


SPA Governing Documents 

Approved on 23 October 2019 – in force as of 15 January 2020. As amended on 3 October 2020.

Complaints Policy

Minutes – 2020/21

Below are minutes taken of General Meetings, and Executive Committee and Trustee Board meetings (both individual and joint) from 2020/21.

General Meeting

Annual General Meeting – 3 October 2020

Executive Committee

Executive Committee meeting – 4 November 2020

Executive Committee and Trustee Board (joint meetings)

Executive Committee and Trustee Board (handover) meeting – 22 October 2020