Voting has now closed in the SPA by-election. The results of the election are as below:

Results - Election of a Communications Officer (21 July 2020)
Candidate Publication Vote Share
Ben Warner Forge Press (Sheffield) 53.8%
Glen McAlpine Bath Time (Bath) 23.1%
Imogen Brighty-Potts Wessex Scene (Southampton) 23.1%
Re-open Nominations (RON) 0%
Election Information
The SPA is holding a by-election to fill a vacancy on its Executive Committee. Any individual member was eligible to stand for the position, and the post will be elected by a ballot of member publications. The Communications Officer has multiple responsibilities, including:
  • Recruiting new members to the SPA;
  • Processing new membership applications;
  • Maintaining the public list of member publications;
  • Maintaining the private list of individual members;
  • Maintaining two-way communications with the SPA’s members;
  • Creating a newsletter to be sent to all members; and
  • Taking and sharing minutes of all SPA meetings.
The election will be held on Tuesday 21 July. Member publications should use the unique login that they have been provided to access the ballot. A link to the ballot will be provided from this webpage.

Election rules
  • Candidates are subject to the following rules throughout the entirety of the restricted period. The restricted period ends at the closing of the election poll (10pm on Tuesday 21 July) and begins at the earlier of:
    1. The candidate announces their candidacy publicly; or
    2. The candidate completes and submits the nomination form.
  • In order to be eligible to hold office, the candidate must qualify as an individual member of the SPA. An individual member of the SPA is defined as either:
    1. Somebody who registered themselves, and has been accepted, as an individual member of the SPA.
    2. Somebody who is a member of a publication member of the SPA, or who has been in the past 12 months.
  • Voting shall be held on Tuesday 21 July between the hours of 7am and 10pm on the SPA website. Each publication shall be entitled to one vote, and the candidate with the most votes shall be elected (using a first past the post system).
  • Candidates must follow the SPA Harassment Policy. Violations of the policy shall be subject to discipline in the context of the election separately from the considerations required for further action under the Policy.
  • Candidates may make one (1) post about their candidacy on the SPA Facebook group during the restricted period. If a candidate wishes to make a post relating to matters other than the election during the restricted period, they must seek permission from the Chair prior to posting. This does not prevent candidates from commenting on other posts in the SPA Facebook group.
  • Candidates may not make use of contact lists provided to them in an official role with the SPA for campaigning purposes.
  • Candidates who bring the SPA into disrepute while gaining an unfair advantage may be subject to disciplinary action in order to restore parity between candidates.
  • Disciplinary matters will be considered, in the first instance, by the SPA Chair. Candidates have a period of 24 hours after any decision is issued to lodge an appeal against it. Appeals will be heard by the SPA Trustees. There is no appeal against a decision of the SPA Trustees.