Free places on leading media masterclass for SPA members

Free places on leading media masterclass for SPA members

Free places on leading media masterclass for SPA members

SPA members can take part in a specialised masterclass in media law next week, thanks to the team at Queen Mary Student Media.

Ten free places are available on the full day course on Thursday, September 17th, taught by media law expert David Banks.

The co-author of McNaes and media commentator will give an insight into libel, copyright and privacy, as well contempt of court and other reporting restrictions.

Digital Media Officer Bree Allegretti said: “This is an amazing opportunity for our members to get some of the best media law training in the country.

“We’re immensely grateful to the team at Queen Mary for allowing our members the opportunity to attend this event and really look forward to working with them throughout the year.

This event has exceeded the maximum number of signs ups. Those who successfully submitted an application to attend have been contacted, all others placed on a waiting list. 

2 thoughts on “Free places on leading media masterclass for SPA members

  1. Den

    This is awesome and we recommend people go for sure.

    @Jem – We might not be able to make it but would you ask David about the recent changes to libel law please? I was at the CMA conference this weekend and was told about a law coming in very soon that means if your publication is sued and taken to court over libel and YOU WIN, you will still have to pay the legal fees for the loser/prosecutor.

    They recommended that our publications sign up to a regulatory body (avg. £50/year) who will handle cases and keep them out of court. Would be great if David could expand or clarify perhaps? As the details were a little vague and even the Gov’t seem to be unsure what’s actually happening. I’ve seen material from the UK gvt using words like ‘maybe’ and ‘probably’, so not entirely clear what’s going on.

    1. Jem Collins Post author

      Hi Den,

      Sorry to hear you can’t go but hope to see you at another event soon! I sadly won’t be there but I’ll pass the message on and hopefully another team member will be able to ask for you!

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