Project Officers

SPA Project Officers work with the SPA Executive Committee to provide support on specific projects, such as the digitisation of projects and advocating on behalf of our members.

The other teams that comprise the SPA are our Executive Committee, Regional Officers and Trustee Board.

Previous officer teams can be found here.

Advocacy Officer – Ciara Ritson-Courtney

Ciara is formerly a News Reporter and Editor of multiple sections for The Courier at Newcastle University.

She also has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Ciara can be found on Twitter here





Alumni Officer – Emily Hall

Emily is an English graduate, who is now down in Brighton having just started on a journalism masters.

She wrote and edited for Impact Magazine during her time at the University of Nottingham, and is passionate about opening up new opportunities for SPA members.






Digital Media Officer – Fiachra Johnston

Fiachra is the former Art & Design Editor for The University Observer at University College Dublin, and now works for the 2020 Dublin Book Festival.

He is also a freelance graphic designer and content creator.

Fiachra can be found on Twitter here.