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Splash Sunday 27/08
The Gown “Considered one of the most influential figures of British pop, Morrissey’s music is characterised by self-deprecation, black humour,
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Splash Sunday 20/08
Concrete Great news article from Concrete. UEA was the only university to have their ranking changed following the appeal and
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Ten things I wish I’d known two months ago: tips for the first weeks of a new job
Settling into the working world can be a strange adjustment. If you’ve only ever been the intern, or the work-experience,
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Promoting, supporting and training student journalists from across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

The Student Publication Association is made up of more than 70 publications across two countries and is free to join. Whether we're helping student papers fight censorship, running a masterclass or negotiating exclusive deals for our members, we're always working for student journalists.

Below are just some of the advantages our members benefit from

SPA Training Hub

This section of our website is designed to help give student journalists and student publications all the training they need to improve their articles and make their publications the best that they can be. If you want help improving an aspect of your journalism skills that’s not explained in our…

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Awards & Competitions

We hold our prestigious national awards every year, as well as keep track of scholarships and competitions across the UK.

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With a network of regional and national officers, we aim to give a swift reply to any member needing advice or support, as well as create a strong community.

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Standardised Style Guide

Sub-editing can be a tricky job at the best of times, so make your life easier with a standard set of rules.

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