SPA 2018 Work Experience: Digital News, Social Media and Reporting

SPA 2018 Work Experience: Digital News, Social Media and Reporting

SPA 2018 Work Experience: Digital News, Social Media and Reporting

We’re super excited to announce the second part of our work experience scheme, following on from our software and coding day with trustee Elliot Davies at The Times. RightsInfo is an award-winning human rights news service, read by thousands of people every day. You’ll get the chance to spend up to two weeks on work experience with our trustee Jem Collins.

So What Is It?

RightsInfo is an award-winning digital human rights news outlet which is viewed by thousands of people every day. They produce breaking news, long-form pieces, in-depth investigations, video pieces and more.

You don’t need to be a journalism student, but you’ll have a keen interest in reporting, video, or social. You’ll get to spend up to two weeks in our beautiful Oxford Circus offices (though we may be able to offer work from home opportunities for applicants who can’t travel), and you’ll get the chance to be a fully fledged member of our team for a week or two. We also have a roof-garden, which you’re welcome to use for drinks and sunbathing (if the British weather allows!).

You’ll attend our editorial meetings, pitch and write your own content for the site, assist on video projects, learn how we use social media and data to make decisions, and meet the team.

Who Will I Be Working With?

You’ll be working with former SPA Chair and current trustee Jem Collins, who edits the site. She used to study journalism at The University of Kent where she edited the independent news service The Medwire and also runs Journo Resources.

We’ll also offer you a one to one with all of our editorial staff (coffee provided), including our social media producer Benjamin Lowrie, who previously worked for The Tab in Southampton, our video producer Jack Satchell, who studied at Staffordshire, our Creative Director Sarah Wishart, Founder and Barrister Adam Wagner, and former Channel 4 News Editor, CEO Julia Kirby Smith.

What Do I Need To Do To Apply?

All you need to do is send 100 words on who you are and your experience, 100 words on why you’d like to work for RightsInfo and two story or video ideas us, CCing, and Apply by Sunday, 28 January.

We’ll aim to make a decision within a week, with the experience to be booked in at a mutually agreeable time before September 2018.

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