SPA Sunday Papers: October 24

SPA Sunday Papers: October 24

SPA Sunday Papers: October 24

Every Saturday evening/Sunday morning, with the help of the Twitterati, we chose a selection of Sunday front pages for your delectation.

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The Observer

  • Former Universities Minister, David Willetts, has attacked David Cameron for “failing young people” and for his reforms to the tax credits system.
  • He addss whilst the young have suffered, pensioners have prospered.
  • Fun Fact: Willetts is known in political circles as ‘Two Brains’ for his academic leanings and high intelligence.

The Independent

  • The good news is Tory rebels might help Corbyn score his first victory in the House of Commons over the tampon tax.
  • The bad news is he faces a leadership challenge from outspoken Labour MP Simon Danczuk.
  • The better news though is that he’ll get an extra hour of sleep tonight!

The Mail on Sunday

  • Tony Blair has made an on air apology for the Iraq War, and admitted it may have helped the creation of ISIS.
  • Also, Rupert Murdoch has found another woman half his age to make him look even older than he actually is.

The Sunday Times

  • TalkTalk may face legal challenges over the hacking of its servers this week.
  • Author Martin Amis has attacked Jeremy Corbyn as “third-rate” and uneducated”.
  • Fun fact: Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labour leader since James Callaghan not to have a university degree.

Scotland on Sunday

  • Labour policy on Trident could change after Unite come out against the nuclear deterrent.
  • Gymnasts come to Glasgow for the World Championships.




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