SPA Sunday Papers: September 26

SPA Sunday Papers: September 26

SPA Sunday Papers: September 26

It may be the weekend, but if you still can’t satisfy the newshound within, SPA Sunday Papers is here to help.

Every Saturday evening, with the help of the lovely people of twitter, we pick a selection of front pages ready to hit newsstands tomorrow.

Shocked by a story? Can’t believe your eyes? Or just fallen in love with that typeface? Get involved with the debate by commenting and voting below, or using the hashtag #SPASundayPapers.

The Observer

Corbyn: I can be PM


  • Despite a somewhat quieter week, Corbyn still makes the front pages
  • International news about a deal to end the war in Syria also makes the front page.


Mail On Sunday

The advent of virgin births

  • #CostOfLiving. Okay so that’s not the headline they went with, but apparently women are paying £5k to get pregnant without ever doing that *ahem* thing.

Sunday Telegraph

Corbyn’s team encouraged riots

  • The London riots may seem like old news, but The Sunday Telegraph has led on the story that Jeremy Corbyn’s advisors allegedly played a role in the planning of the riots.

Scotland on Sunday

Shake-up of Scottish Labour simple

  • Scottish Labour leader tries to make mandatory re-selection sound like putting iTunes on shuffle.

Sunday Times

50 Shades of Red

  • Labour MPs fear purge from new Corbynistas.

Independent on Sunday

Labour weak on tax

  • The Corbynomics expert predicts that Osbourne will steal their best policies

The Star

Eastenders actor names penis

  • Here at the SPA, we always encourage publications to seek out exclusives. Here’s a prime example.

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