#SPANC16: Best Comment/Opinion Shortlist

This category showcases the best comment or opinion writing from a writer at a student publication. It will take into account structure, relevance to the audience and impact of the piece.

Why you always lying – Eamonn Crowe, Exepose
Is Exec just for BNOCs? – Leanna Kightley, Label
Bar FTSE at Drapers: Just harmless fun? – Aaron Parr, The Print
Bring back the Quadrangle – António Rolo Duarte, The Manchester Magazine
The students’ union – or the Soviet union? – Glenn Houlihan, Badger
We’re all screwed – Natalie Tipping, InQuire
Free speech slowdown – Jonathan van Kuijk, York Vision
I tried the ‘real world’ and it sucks – Costas Mourselas, York Vision
Why Not’s ‘Chav Night’ is a masquerade of class privilege – Polly Smythe, The Student
It is high time I stopped apologising for your willy-waving – Fiona Grew, The Student
Cambridge Uni Fashion Show was an artistic triumph, but an access disaster – Jack May, The Cambridge Student
#LiarLiar – Dan Leedham, Label
I was raped on campus – Anonymous, Boar
I was abused and the care system failed me – Mike Wrench, Boar
The problem with an all white male sabbatical team – Hiran Adhia, Boar

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