#SPANC16: Best Feature Shortlist

This category is for longer, magazine style pieces, about a specific area or focus. Judges will look at flow, structure, impact, passion and storytelling. E.g. Investigative journalism, content with impact.

The mind can’t man up – Eamonn Crow and Fiona Potigny for Exeposé
Do graduates need to move to London? – Molly Evans for Wessex Scene
In the race for City Hall – Will Ing for LondonStudent
Safety in Selly Oak – Hannah Coles for Redbrick
The darker side of freshers’ nights – Emma Yeomans for LondonStudent
The history of Bristol – Sophie Hunter for Epigram
Cuts from a lecturers perspective – Luke Lowsley-Williams for SOAS Spirit
Witnessing the Frontline of the Refugee Crisis – Zac Derler for The Founder
Sexual consent in Nottingham – Marco Dall’Antonia, Hannah Eves & Tamsin Parnell for Impact
Homeless this Christmas – Dan Falvey for Concrete
Do students know what they’re taking? – Marco Dall’Antonia, Hannah Eves, Katie Cash & Tasmin Parnell for Impact
All aboard the 44 – Jonny Long for York Vision
A first person account of Friday 13th – Giusy Urba for Exeposé
The refugee crisis: life on the ground in Austria – Chris Belous for The Student
Diagnosing Dyspraxia – Emelia Hamilton for The Student

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