#SPANC17 – Best News Story

  • Abbie Llewelyn, York Vision, York, ‘Degree Double Dealing’
  • Lef Apostolakis, Felix, Imperial. ‘Consent training row at Imperial’
  • Finn Judge, Nouse, York. ‘Revs attacked by ex-staff for alleged lack of breaks and forged reviews’
  • Josh Salisbury, York Vision, York. ‘Anger as uni ads appear on alt-right site’
  • Huw James, York Vision, York. ‘Ouse near miss: Alcuin rugby team save life’
  • Emma Yeomans, London Student. ‘Accommodating the capital’
  • Megan Baynes & Emily Hawkins, Concrete, UEA. ’30 students affected by Trump’s travel ban.’
  • Kyle Hoekstra, London Student. ‘Convicted fascist worked at Royal Holloway Students’ Union’
  • Connor Higgs and Tamsin Parnell, Impact, Nottingham. ‘UoN students in battle to receive deposits as Shields Student Homes vanish’
  • Eliza Slawther, The Mancunion, Manchester. ‘33,062 no-shows for NHS appointments’
  • Elise Gallagher, The Mancunion, Manchester. ‘Margaret Thatcher decapitated at Welcome Fair’
  • Georgia Roberts, Exeposé, Exeter. ‘Booklets distributed on campus linking Palestinians with Nazism deemed ‘vomit-inducing’’
  • Theo Stone, Exeposé, Exeter. ‘Students refuse to name award winner in protest over rising rent prices’
  • Susannah Keogh, Exeposé, Exeter. ‘Outrage after Exeter student dresses as murdered Reeva Steenkamp’
  • Susannah Keogh, Exeposé, Exeter ‘Residence Life Mentors- undervalued?’
  • Johnny Thalassites, Epigram, Bristol. ‘Lecturer’s in ‘gagging’ row’
  • Steven Green, Impact, Nottingham, ‘7 Legless’ group deny attempt to recreate Alton Towers Smiler Crash’