#SPANC18 Awards shortlists

SPA Awards wide, Lucy Aprahamian

Best Interview:

Alice Hearing - Wessex Scene: “I’m not here to save the world.” An interview with Jon Sopel

Amy Wei - Mancunion: In conversation with: Brian Cox

Cecily Grace Morgan: The Boar - An interview with Warwick student Izin Akhabau, youngest ever broadcaster on BBC News at 10.

Ed Butterfield - The Boar: “We’re always told we’re never enough.” w/Nick Mulvey.

Georgina Hayes - The Glasgow Guardian: The Glasgow Guardian meets Alastair Campbell

James Angove - Exepose: “This is the greatest social justice issue of our time.” w/Neil Wodds

Louie Chandler - The River: “I want to get more medals”: Asha Philip speaks to The River about injury, her time at KU and Olympic success

Oliver Cohen - Epigram: Tinker Tailor Soldier Jonathan - An interview with Jonathan Evans

Renuka Odedra - The Demon: An interview with This Fan Girl: capturing female football fans

Kate Romain - Concrete: A son’s tribute to Cilla Black

Best Lifestyle Story:

Connor Higgs - Impact: The (budget) Englishman in New York

Edward Villars - The Boar: Barbies, bullies and the Bible

Harriet Willis - Palatinate: A poor man’s guide to a rich man’s holiday

Irina Anghel - Roar News: Lost and found in translation

Rosie Hilton - The Student: How the pill affected my mental health

Shingi Mararike - The Boar: Battling towards balance

Susie Butler - The Glasgow Guardian: Scotland’s Great Escapes

Lucy Stubbings - The Boar: I’m a bad feminist

Lucy Stubbings - The Boar: What it’s like studying with Crohn’s

Lucy Stubbings - The Boar: A student’s guide to Tromso

Zoe Boothby - Palatinate: Falling for Florals

Best Newcomer


The Falmouth Anchor

The Jaded Project

The Plague


WoW Magazine

Best Overall Digital Media





The Boar


Best Student Photographer

Aike Jansen - qmunicate

Emma Halahan - Orbital

Ewa Ferdynus - BUMF

Hannah Brierley - Mancunion

Jared Phanco - Roar News

Kirsty Blackwell - The Demon

Matthew Nixon - Concrete

Max  Connelly - The Boar

Meg Firth - The Gryphon

Sara Konradi - The Student

Best Specialist Publication

Blurred Lines Magazine


I, Science



Sports Gazette

The Edge

The Lemon Press

The Plague


Best Sports Coverage


Exepose Sport

Gair Rhydd

Linc Sport



The Boar

The Saint



Outstanding Commitment

Abbie Cheeseman - Orbital

Alice Roberts - The Plague

Andrew McCluskey - Glasgow Guardian

Charlie Lawrence-Jones - London Student

Connor Creaghan - The Linc

Eve Smallman - Platform

Fred Fyles - Felix

Cameron Broome - Mancunion

Best Reporter

Aoife Hardesty - University Observer

Ben can der Merwe - London Student

Claisse Opulencia - Unified

Elena Cherubini - The River

Emer Scully - The Spark

Emily Hawkins - Concrete

Eugene Smith - Palatinate

Oscar Bentley - Nouse

Tania Chakraborti - Palatinate

Tom Williams - The Saint

Best Website



Glasgow University Magazine


London Student


The Badger

The Boar


University Observer

Best Science and Technology Story

Amber Spence - The Boar

Aoife Hardesty - University Observer

Britanny Harrison - The Boar

Emilia Rose - Redbrick

Joseph McGrory - Redbrick

Katrina Wesencraft - theGIST

Marianna Marcelline - The Glasgow Guardian

Nick Vail - The Boar

Richard Murchie - theGIST

Richard Sherry - The Boar

Best Feature

Becky Scarrott - Persist: ‘Meet my special friend - the suicide headache’

Caitlin Allard - Palatinate: ‘Made You Look’ Series, featuring ‘Fenwick Lawson’s ‘Cry Fo Justice - The Scream’

Elena Cherubini - The River: “Kingston student breaks down the stigma of dancing with a disability”

Emma Yeomans - London Student: “Did Malia Bouattia launch a viral fake news story?”

Fred Fyles - Felix: “Tobacco, oil, and arms – where Imperial is investing its money”

Isabelle Atkins - The Boar: ‘Accepting my disability’

Linnea Lagerstedt - Wessex Scene: Sexual Consent Awareness Week: Life as a Survivor

Shannon Gray - Orbital: What happens after you attempt suicide?

Shannon Scovel - Brig: Week of Women: University of Stirling’s female athletes lead by example

Sophie Bunce - Concrete: A night with Nightline

Best Entertainment Story

Bethany Davison - The Student: ‘Morrissey’s Low in High School – greatness marred in politics’

Carl Altaner - Falmouth Anchor: Your average night out in Falmouth

Carly-May Kavanagh - The Edge: In criticism of 13 Reasons Why

Gregory Milik - The Boar: Is the album dying?

Katherine Sorab - The Boar: A personal reflection on Sesame Street’s autistic character

Lilia Pavin-Franks - The Boar: Has Hollywood failed us?

Molly McCracken - The Student: Is Netflix becoming a dumping ground for risky projects?

Tom Green - The Northern Quota: From Piccadilly to Parklife: the story of Manchester’s favourite rats

Yaiza Canopoli - Concrete: Tokenism: the need for all-queer shows

Zoe Boothby - Palatinate: Disney’s first ‘exclusively gay moment’: a disappointment in 2017?

Best Multimedia Journalism Story

Claisse Opulencia - Unified: Streets Are Not Safe: Violence Against Homeless Women

Leia Reid - SR News: It is not over until Wearside says it is over

Murray Glen and David White - Magdalen Magazine: Coverage of Staff Strikes, March 2018

Matt Horsman - Sports Gazette: “I always want to keep my family as the number one priority” – Sophie Bubb on juggling motherhood with extreme endurance racing.

The Courier: Newcastle University Students’ Union Elections

Siri Hedreen - Roar News: International Students Aspire to be Managers; Brits Prefer The Arts

Tom Monks - Impact: “I know how excited everyone is, I am one of them” – Karanka delighted with timing of Derby Day

Kate Hutchison - Epigram: #EpiMix

Tom Mitchell, Clara Gaspar and Maddie Flisher - Palatinate: ‘Prince Charles receives warm welcome from Durham students’

Best News Story

Cecily Morgan and Ayaz Ali - The Boar: “Exploitative and incompetent”: Investigating pay-for-essay mills

Daniel Katz - The Gryphon: Mental Health Counselling Provision Fails to Match Inflation

Eve Smallman - Platform: Arrests made after video of Trent student being racially abused in halls goes viral

Grace Duncan, Phoebe Radford, Ben Johns, William Baxter - Redbrick: Redbrick News Investigates: The Social Side of Birmingham Sport
Naomi Taylor - The River: KU Student Taking The Sun to Court
Richard Joseph - The Saint: Inside the hospitality industry: a culture of harassment?
Sophie Gregory - Palatinate: Union Society Secretary resigns amid allegations of sexism and racism
James Hind - Unified: The Archbishop of Canterbury sends a message to Trump and Kim
Will Charley - Epigram: Jacob Rees-Mogg interrupted by protesters during talk at UWE
William Nestor-Sherman, Rebekah Evans, and Irina Anghel - Roar News: KCL evacuated after masked protesters storm controversial event

Best Comment or Opinion

Annie Peppiatt - Impact: Calorie counting is not the answer
Barnaby Merrill - The Boar: Why it’s time to ditch the drinking games
Edward Bains - The Badger: Things students need (abolishing tuition fees isn’t one of them)
Georgina Hayes - The Glasgow Guardian: It’s okay to have a brain day:
Jack Ashton - Concrete: Four alternatives to strike compensation
Jack Taylor - Impact: Students trapped in seminars
Laurie Clark - The Glasgow Guardian: GPs let down young people with mental illnesses
Raghand Al-Lawati - The Student: The Hijab does not hide my voice or intent
Rebecca Zack - The Glasgow Guardian: Lifting the lid on student sex work
Zak Barlow - Redbrick: The CoD WWII Swastika Controversy - A Missed Opportunity

Best Design - Magazine

Glasgow University Magazine
Magdalen Magazine
Sanctuary Magazine
Smoke Magazine
The Edge
The Gaudie
The Plague
The Stag

Best Design - Newspaper

Gair Rhydd
Roar  News
The Badger
The Courier
The Linc
The QH

Best Publication





London Student

Magdalen Magazine



The Student

University Observer