Diversity Bursary

The SPA Diversity Bursary is now open for applications. Supported by the Printing Charity, the Society of Editors and Maxim PR, the bursary aims to improve access to SPANC for students in underrepresented groups by covering the cost of attendance.

You can submit your application for the Diversity Bursary here. The deadline for applications is at 23:59 on Friday 7 February.

If you want to have any questions about the Diversity Bursary, or want to help support students to attend SPANC20, please email chair@spajournalism.com or jem@spajournalism.com.

Terms and Conditions of the SPA Diversity Bursary

  1. The SPA Diversity Bursary is intended to cover the most burdensome costs of attending SPANC20 in Sheffield. Those costs include, but may not be limited to:
    1. Access to all conference sessions, including the Awards Dinner;
    2. One or two nights of accommodation in Sheffield;
    3. Reasonable travel expenses to Sheffield from within the UK or Ireland; and
    4. All meals, beginning with an evening meal on Friday 3 April and concluding with lunch on Sunday 5 April.
  2. All applications must be original. Applications found to have plagiarised will not be considered.
  3. All applications for funding must be received in the appropriate form by 23:59 on Friday 7 February.
  4. A panel formed of members of trustees and executive officers of the SPA will review all applications. The panel will allocate Diversity Bursary resources with consideration to the strength of each application, and their decision is final.
  5. A limited number of Diversity Bursary recipients will be required to take part in publicity arrangements for funders of the Diversity Bursary. Applicants may choose to opt out of taking part in publicity arrangements and instead remain anonymous. Once the panel has ensured that the minimum number of applicants required to meet contractual obligations has been reached, it will consider all further applications without regard to the decision to opt out.
  6. Diversity Bursary recipients will be entitled to reimbursement for the previously mentioned expenses incurred as a result of attending SPANC20. However, reimbursement may only occur where the permission of the SPA was given prior to purchase.
  7. The SPA takes its obligations to protect personal data seriously. While monitoring statistics may be kept by the SPA, all names, universities, publications and contact details will be deleted at the time of rejection for unsuccessful applications.
  8. Individuals who are successful in their applications will have their names, universities, publications and contact details deleted within one week of the close of SPANC20, unless they have given permission to remain involved in publicity for the scheme and/or its funding partners.
  9. The details contained in an application will not be shared with anyone who is not an SPA trustee or executive officer. The sole exception to this shall be providing names and contact details of recipients who have given permission to be involved in publicity for the SPA’s funding partners.

If you have any questions about the Diversity Bursary Terms & Conditions or how your data will be used, please contact chair@spajournalism.com or jem@spajournalism.com.