Splash Sunday 23/07

Splash Sunday  23/07

Splash Sunday 23/07

Wessex Scene

Coldplay Contributes Towards University’s Groundbreaking Battle Against Cancer

“The University of Southampton is refusing to disclose the amount donated at the band’s request, but have said that it is a “wonderful gesture”, with the university now having raised over £21 million towards the campaign for a Centre of Immunology.”



BREAKING: Bristol student accommodation fails Grenfell-style fire tests

“Waverley House, one of the accommodation blocks available to Bristol students, has failed Grenfell-style fire safety tests, Unite Students have confirmed.”


The Edge

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington confirmed dead

“Linkin Park singer and frontman Chester Bennington has committed suicide at his home in Los Angeles California. Coroner reports quoted by TMZ confirmed that the Alternative icon hanged himself at the age of 41.”


The Boar

Rootes and Bluebell ranked among the best University accommodation in the country

“The Times Higher Education yesterday released a list of the top 50 student halls offered by universities in the UK, revealing that two of Warwick’s thirteen accommodation blocks offered to undergraduate students have made it onto the list.”



Council approves 850-room student accommodation despite local protest

“Durham County Council has granted outline planning permission for an 850-room student accommodation block on land north of Mount Oswald, in spite of significant disquiet among local residents.”


Gair Rhydd

Waterfalls, or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the jump

Finally, a great first person piece by Charlie Knights, from Gair Rhydd, about overcoming fear: “something that more and more we find governing the everyday life of what we do. Sometimes it’s being too scared of getting out of bed, just in case life takes a baseball bat and home runs you right back down.


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