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The SPA organises some of the most prestigious awards for student journalists in the UK and Ireland. The SPA Regional Awards take place every autumn, while the SPA National Awards are held in the spring, culminating at #SPANC. They are judged by a mix of our Trustees who are all…

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The SPA has a variety of officers in place to help create a support network for student journalists: Each region has its own Regional Officer, tasked with supporting publications locally. You can find out details about and ways to contact your Regional Officer here > Struggling in a dispute with…

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Promoting, supporting and training student journalist across the United Kingdom and Republic of IrelandThe Student Publication Association is made up of more than 70 publications across two countries and is free to join. Whether we're helping student papers fight censorship, running a masterclass or negotiating exclusive deals for our members, we're always working for student journalists.
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SPA Members can take advantage of a huge number of benefits from events and training to online tools and support.

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Hardly any job and grad scheme websites include a compilation of all the journalism and media graduates schemes in the UK.

From 2015 to 2016, the SPA provided a weekly training blog on the various issues that student publications can face. While we aren’t going to update any of the content here, it is being left online for archival purposes. #TrainingTuesday is being replaced by our new SPA Guides. If you…