Training Tuesdays: The NCTJ

Training Tuesdays: The NCTJ

Training Tuesdays: The NCTJ

If you’re wanting to go into professional print journalism, you’re going to have to ‘do the NCTJ [qualification].’

The course ran by many colleges and universities is accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists. If you’re going to do a journalism qualification, check it is NCTJ accredited.

Journalism degrees are not worth as much as they used to be. Only 10% of professional journalists studied journalism as an undergraduate. The most popular subject areas for a bachelors degree were English/world literature (23%), social sciences (16%) and history and philosophy (12%).

63% of working journalists however held a journalism qualification, with almost three quarters of them being the well regarded NCTJ.

The course itself is made up of six compulsory modules and a choice of two elective modules.

The SPA have teamed with Brighton Journalist Works to offer bursaries up to £3,000 for members who are looking to studying the NCTJ.


Brighton Journalist Works offers a 12 week intensive NCTJ course and we have three bursaries that can help if you’re wanting to go into journalism.

All you need to do is write 500 words about who or what inspires you to become a journalist.

You need to be quick though, the scheme closes midnight this coming Friday (19th June).

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