Free Online Journalism Courses & Training

The SPA is pleased to have partnered with to offer a free online course in Media Law.

onlinecourses offers a growing portfolio of courses to allow you to train as a journalist at your own pace.

We’re delighted to be able these courses to SPA members totally free. Current courses include:

  • Media Law: Including defamation, courts, copyright, elects, ethics and standards
  • Proofreading: Common mistakes, text, grammar and formatting

To see the full list of courses and to enrol now, visit


9 thoughts on “Free Online Journalism Courses & Training

    1. Jem Collins Post author

      Hi Hannah!

      Course is indeed still running, they’re just adding some new courses and materials so they’ll be a greater amount of free things. We can make sure to pop you an email when it’s up again?

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  2. Lisa

    The journotraining website still says ‘coming soon’ for the Media Law courses and their is no contact details on the website to contact anyone to ask when it starts. Any ideas when it will be active?


    1. Fraser Whieldon

      Hi Keri,

      Sorry for taking a millenia to get back to you. Is it alright if I give you a more comprehensive answer once I’ve spoken to some people?

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