We are the UK & Ireland’s largest student media association

The Student Publication Association is made up of more than 175 publications and is free to join for student journalists and publications in Higher Education. Whether we’re helping student papers fight censorship, running a masterclass or negotiating exclusive deals for our members, we’re always working for the future of our industry.



From our annual national conference to training days and conferences around the country, we aim to present a range of affordable and useful events for student journalists.

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Training & Tools

We provide training materials free to our members. While we work on even more, check out what we've already posted in the last few years.

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Awards & Competitions

We hold our prestigious SPA awards every year, as well as keep track of scholarships and competitions across the UK and Ireland.

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With a network of regional and national officers, we aim to give a swift reply to any member needing advice or support, as well as create a strong community.

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