Executive Committee

The Student Publication Association is run by a team of five Executive Committee members, elected annually at the SPA’s National Conference.

The other teams that comprise the SPA are our Trustee BoardRegional Officers, and Project Officers.

Our 2020/21 Executive Committee is comprised of the following individuals. Previous officer teams can be found here.

Chair – Ben Warner


Ben has just completed a Master’s degree in political communication at the University of Sheffield.

During his time at university, Ben was Editor-in-Chief of Forge Press, while also serving as Host Officer for #SPANC20.

Ben can be found on Twitter here.





Training & Opportunities Officer – Charlotte Colombo


Charlotte graduated from the University of Southampton in 2020, before starting a Masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

Charlotte served as Editor-in-Chief of Wessex Scene while in Southampton.

Charlotte can be found on Twitter here.





Communications Officer – Matilda Head


Matilda is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge.

She has been involved in a number of member publications, including The Collective Magazine.

Matilda can be found on Twitter here.




Conference & Events Officer – Katie Evans


Katie is currently a Film student at the University of Southampton.

As well as being President of the Soton Film Society, Katie is also on the Executive of The Edge.

Katie can be found on Twitter here.





Sponsorship Officer – Uditi Singh


Uditi is a second-year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

As well as being part of the SPA Executive team, Uditi is an active member of Forge Press, and co-hosts a weekly radio show on Forge Radio.

Uditi can be found on Twitter here.


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