Are you ready to change the face of student media?

We at the Student Publication Association are thrilled to announce the launch of our #SPAELECTIONS. As part of these elections, we will be electing key roles that help run and steer the direction of the SPA. This includes three roles on the Executive Committee, and an external Trustee.

You can find out more about these roles below and you can submit your application here. Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday, June 23:

Sponsorship Officer

The Sponsorship Officer co-ordinates efforts to secure advertising and sponsorship revenue, as well as donations, for the SPA to continue its work. They also manage event sponsorship and budgets, in order to ensure obligations to corporate partners are met, whilst they also support other officers, including Regional Officers, in securing sponsorship for their events where appropriate.

Please note that this role will be a one-year term.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is the Executive Committee lead on membership. This means their main responsibilities are recruiting new members, processing applications, and maintaining both public and private lists of members. They also keep up two-way communications with members, including sending round a monthly newsletter and take and share minutes of SPA meetings.

Please note that this role will be a one-year term.

Conference & Events Officer

The Conference & Events Officer’s responsibilities are paramount throughout the year, right from Regional Conferences through to the showpiece National Conference and Awards at the end of their term. They serve as the Executive Committee lead on organisation of the National Conference, while also overseeing the activities of all officers who are organising any other events for the SPA.

Please note that this role will be a one-year term.


The Trustees oversee the work of the organisation, with an eye on strategy as well as the long-term future of the SPA. Ensuring the financial viability of the SPA is a vital part of the role. 

Please note that this role will be a four-year term.

How will the #SPAELECTIONS work?

Like any other election! Candidates will be expected to submit a manifesto and/or a short video to tell you why they’re the best person for the role. Applications are now open – submit here by June 23rd, 5pm.

To stand for a role on the Executive Committee, you must be part of a member publication (people graduating in 2020/2021 who were part of a member publication also count) or an individual member of the SPA. However, you don’t need to be part of a member publication or an individual member of the SPA to stand for the Trustee role.

Voting will take place online over the course of five days and will operate via a first past the post system. Only member publications will be permitted to vote, and each member publication only gets one vote each. Any invalid votes will be discounted.

Key dates

11th June – Nominations for roles open

23rd June, 5pm – Nominations for roles close

29th June – Candidate announcement

5th July, 9am – Voting opens

9th July, 5pm – Voting closes

12th July, 5pm – Results announced

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