Splash Sunday – 21/01

Splash Sunday – 21/01

Splash Sunday – 21/01

We’ve got six more Sunday reads for you this week: from coverage of criticism of UEA sportspark over branding perceived as racist, to not one, but two, winter in Scotland specials. (Sensing a theme here.)

And pieces from Glasgow University Magazine, The Boar, and Redbrick also impressed our committee members this week. Well done to everyone included!

We hope you enjoy the pieces we’ve picked, and, as always, email or tweet any submissions to communications@spajournalism.com or @SPAjournalism.

– Jess


This was a really interesting story that was picked up by the local BBC radio station, showing what a difference student journalism can make.

It sparked a debate on campus and makes for an interesting read.

– Megan


Everybody loves snow, right?

It’s impossible not to love Scotland when it is covered in snow and Stirling campus is gorgeous at the best of times, but takes some beating when covered in the white stuff.

– Conor


This is a great article by Redbrick’s news editor, and a perfect example of how to make a national story topical and relevant to a campus audience.

The headline also manages to get across the crux of the story (‘goes bust’) and show readers exactly why they’re likely to be interested (‘library builder’) – in just four words.

– Jess

This is a terrific article that has managed to make use of the expertise of researchers at the publication’s university. National publications spend lots of time getting stories by reporting on the latest academic research.

Student publications are in an ideal position to also make use of this great resource.

– Dan

The Saint

“Winter in Scotland seems to drag on forever. The short days, the blinding winter sun sitting on the horizon, and, of course, the cold.”

This article by The Saint demonstrates a very good understanding of its audience in a guide to how to spend time during the Scottish winter.

– James

Glasgow University Magazine

To the surprise of no one who knows me even a little, this warm and witty article really struck a chord.

The writer describes lateness as “one of life’s great tensions and balancing acts”, and the piece certainly made me look at my, sometimes shoddy time keeping habits in a new light.

– Jess

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