Why you should run to be Communications Officer

Why you should run to be Communications Officer

Why you should run to be Communications Officer

Nominations are now open for the election to fill our Exec committee and join our wonderful team. This is an incredibly important election, as it will form the team that will be serving incredible student journalists across the UK and Ireland. For this election, we’re looking to elect a Communications Officer, as well as a Conference and Events Officer and Sponsorship Officer. 

You might look at these roles and, amid a wild rush of excitement (we know, it’s a lot), want more clarity on what would come with being elected to such a position. Luckily for you, we’re diving into just that. Read on to find all about what comes with being the Comms Officer, should you be elected (you can read about the Sponsorship Officer here and the Conference and Events Officer here).

What is the Communications Officer role?

The Communications Officer is responsible for recruiting new members, processing applications, and maintaining both private and public lists of members. They will also manage the dialogue between the SPA team and our member publications. This will be done through the management of our social media, monthly newsletters, and taking and sharing our meeting minutes. 

This role will last for one year. 

Can you give me an idea of what I might do? 

I sure can! The above job description gives a good idea of your main tasks, but you’ll be working will all of our officers – Exec, Regional and Project Officers – to make sure that every part of our organisation is relayed to our student journalists. You can expect to be running the engagement of our social medias, emailing to further our communication and engagement work, and scoping out the best pieces from student journalism for the newsletters, and more. 

Can I run, and what time will I commit?

Anyone who is an individual member of the SPA or part of a member publication can run! Please note that if you were part of a member publication this academic year (2020/2021), your membership is still valid.

Although the time commitment varies throughout the year – such as during the planning for our National Conference – the majority of the time we anticipate the role will take up to 1-2 hours per week.

What makes a good Communications Officer?

The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of the issues facing students and student publications. Experience in social media, communications, and marketing (for example, for a SU society) is desirable, but not totally essential. We want someone who cares, and is committed to the core aims of the SPA.

You should also be committed to the advancement of student journalism, respect diversity of thought and the benefits of collaboration, have the desire to work as part of a team of volunteers, and build successful working relationships.

We strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds, including Ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities to consider applying for this role.

How can I run?

The deadline to nominate yourself is Wednesday 23 June at 5:00pm, and you can do so through filling out this simple google form. After this point, you’ll be asked to submit a manifesto and a short video pitch explaining why you’re the best candidate for the role. Voting will open from Monday 5 July until the 9th. 

If you have any questions, please email SPA Chair Charlotte Colombo on chair@spajournalism.com 

This position will be elected on a First Past The Post basis.

Best of luck!

By Bethany Dawson (Training & Opportunities Officer, 2021/2022)

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