Why you should run to be Conference & Events Officer

Why you should run to be Conference & Events Officer

Why you should run to be Conference & Events Officer

The Executive Committee, alongside the Trustee Board, are what make up the Student Publication Association (SPA). In the upcoming elections we will be looking to fill 3 new roles on our committee, one of these being the role of Conference & Events Officer.

If you’re into organising events, be that both educational and social, then maybe this role is for you. Before starting the role I wasn’t 100% sure of what it entailed, so here’s a quick Q&A to answer any questions you may have or any thoughts.

What does the Conference & Events Officer do within the Committee?

As Conference & Events Officer, you are part of the SPA’s Executive Officer team. The SPA Exec basically run the shop, so you will be consulted on important decisions like the election of Regional and Project Officers amongst other things. Alongside your individual remits, you will be expected to support the SPA during their Regional and National Awards/Conferences. 

Can I run, and what time will I commit?

Anyone who is a SPA member can run. If you are part of a university-led magazine you should check with your lead/editor to see if your magazine is a member publication. In terms of time commitment, some periods of the year (such as our conference/awards seasons) are busier than others, but the role shouldn’t be more than a few hours a week.

What makes a good Conference & Events Officer?

Our ideal candidate would be someone who is passionate about making big things happen. SPA runs an annual national conference (SPANC) and multiple regional conferences throughout the year which are attended by hundreds of individuals, so it’s ideal that you want to make these conferences the most enjoyable and brilliant they can be for our members. 

You should be organised as this will really help you fit into the team easily. While it is not essential, it would be beneficial for you to have an existing understanding of what SPA does and what it offers to our member publications, alongside having a grounded understanding in current student journalism. Most of all, however, you need to be eager to make the events the best yet!

How can I run?

Please fill out this nomination form before 5pm on Wednesday 23rd June.

If you would like to find out more about the role please contact chair@spajournalism.com.

This position will be elected through a vote that will run in early July, more information can be found on the elections page.

Best of luck!

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