Flash Friday 18/3: A hit-and-run, Holi and free speech

Flash Friday 18/3: A hit-and-run, Holi and free speech

Flash Friday 18/3: A hit-and-run, Holi and free speech

It’s nearing the end of term. Here’s some of the best tales we spotted this week:

KU student ‘smiled and laughed’ as he injured security guard in hit-and-run

By Kayli Olson for River Online
Image: RiverOnline

Image: RiverOnline

A Kingston student was “smiling and laughing” when he injured a university security guard in

a hit-and-run last summer, a court heard.

Talal Al-Hindi, 19, of Raeburn Avenue, Surbiton, denies that he deliberately ran over Jason

Butler in the university car park on July 10.

#Elevate: A Retrospective

By Ariane Laurent-Smith for the Oxford Student
Image: The Oxford Student

Image: The Oxford Student

This feature has more than 6,000 views. Read more to see what all the fuss is about!

Cupboard under stairway in Old College conceals donated Edwards sculpture for 80 years

By Jake Foxford for the Courier
Image: The Courier

Image: The Courier

This Harry Potter-style discovery had us hooked.

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Our amber ‘free speech’ rating is a colour to wear with pride

By Shaun Kennedy for Glasgow Guardian
Image: Glasgow Guardian

Image: Glasgow Guardian

The verdict has been delivered: the University of Glasgow is amber. Spiked Online decided

this in light of Glasgow University’s policy on free speech, citing the QMU’s ban on the song

‘Blurred Lines’ as well as the refusal to give homophobic cleric, Mufti Ismail Menk a platform.

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Holi festival “enriches the cultural experience of all involved”

By Natasa Christofidou for Exeposé

It’s that time again! The traditional Hindu festival was celebrated outside the Ram Garden,

which is adjacent to Devonshire House at the University.

Students were able to celebrate Holi and appreciate their diversity through fun activities such

as throwing powdered paint around. Additional entertainment was also provided through the

presence of a live DJ.

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Peterhouse students vote to keep controversial drag pageant

By Lili Bidwell for the Cambridge Student
Image: The Cambridge Student

Image: The Cambridge Student

Following a referendum, students at Peterhouse have voted to keep the ‘Miss Peterhouse’

event. The event, a drag pageant held by the JCR each year, had recently faced calls for it to

be scrapped, led by the Women’s and LGBT+ representatives.

The results of the referendum were close, with 48.51% voting in favour of the pageant,

41.58% opposing it, and 9.9% blank votes. As Peterhouse is a small college, this meant there

were just 7 more votes in favour of keeping ‘Miss Peterhouse’ than there were against it.

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