Elections 2022: Would you like to be the next face of the SPA?

Elections 2022: Would you like to be the next face of the SPA?

Elections 2022: Would you like to be the next face of the SPA?

With #SPANC22 just around the corner, it’s time to think about who will lead the Student Publication Association (SPA) in 2022/23.

It’s a really exciting time to get involved in the charity, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary and can now provide so many more events for our members as the pandemic lifts.

This starts with #SPANC22 in Sheffield, but that is only the beginning.

There are a number of volunteer roles you can get involved in, and you’ll be supported by our trustees throughout your term.

Take a look at what is on offer below, and how to put yourself forward.

The roles


While the Chair is the face of the Student Publication Association, they are also responsible for leading and supporting the team of Executive Officers. The Chair will help Executives accomplish their goals, chair meetings, oversee campaigns and ensure that the charity is running smoothly in-line with the constitution.

It is vital that the Chair has confidence in their ability to lead the team of Executive and Regional Officers. This can be a challenging role, if you do not prepare for the workload early. As such, a great Chair will be time efficient and forward thinking.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is the Executive Committee lead on membership. They are in charge of recruiting new members, processing applications, and maintaining lists of member organisations. They also send out monthly newsletters, take and share minutes of the SPA’s meetings, and maintain all general communications with members.

Conference & Events Officer

The Conference & Events Officer works closely with the Regional Officers to run events throughout the year. The two largest events in the SPA calendar are the Regional Conference and the National Conference. Each conference takes place over the course of a weekend and includes: our prestigious awards ceremonies as well as a series of events tailored to member publications.

Sponsorship Officer

The Sponsorship Officer works towards securing advertising and sponsorship revenue, while simultaneously managing event sponsorship and budgets. They are also responsible for ensuring that the SPA meets their obligations to sponsors by completing tasks such as sponsored posts or talks.

Training & Opportunities Officer

The Training & Opportunities Officer produces training resources for members of the SPA, examples of these can be found on our website. They also run the SPA’s mentorship scheme, that takes place in the summer, and maintain contact with industry professionals to benefit the SPA’s members.

Regional Officers

Regional Officers work closely with the SPA Executive Committee to provide support with events for and communications with member publications. The Regional Officers work closely with the Conference & Events Officer to organise the SPA Regional Conference each year, and with the Sponsorship Officer to secure funding for these events. They also work alongside the Communications Officer to reach out to new prospective members to explain why it would be beneficial to join the SPA.

Regional Officer roles available include: Ireland & Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London, North, Midlands, South East, South West.

All role terms last until May 1, 2023.

If you would like to stand for one of these roles, please prepare a 30 second statement explaining why you are perfect for the position.

This is to be delivered at the AGM on Sunday, April 10, at #SPANC22 where members will then vote.

If you are unable to attend the in-person AGM at #SPANC22, a current Exec or Trustee will read your statement to the room.

For further information, please contact our current Chair, Ruby Punt, on events@spajournalism.com


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