Flash Friday 4/12: Street lights, drugs and protests

Flash Friday 4/12: Street lights, drugs and protests

Flash Friday 4/12: Street lights, drugs and protests

It’s your favourite time of the week again! This week’s #FlashFriday looks at street lights, drugs and protests.


Bristol’s Park street brought to standstill by Don’t Bomb Syria protest

By George Clarke for Epigram
Image: Stop the War/Twitter

Image: Stop the War/Twitter

Anti-war protestors flanked Bristol’s busy Park Street ahead of the Commons’ Syria vote on Wednesday.

Editorial: Cambridge’s campaign on street lights must not be put out

By Jack May for The Cambridge Student
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

An impassioned editorial from The Cambridge Student voicing students’ concerns over a lack of street lights being turned on during the night.

Violent disturbances in Canley may be drug-related

By Sarah Morland for The Boar
Image: 6089Gardener / Flickr

Image: 6089Gardener / Flickr

A violent outbreak in Canley on Thursday 12 November saw an armed assault, car joust and collision. Events resulted in a man being taken to hospital.

This most recent incident is a culmination of a series of neighbourhood complaints, including houses being egged, water-balloons, stones thrown at cars and persistent catcalling.


Digestible news, a nib at a time.

Feature | Deck your halls

By Harriet Stevens for Forge Press

This Christmassy feature got us in the decorating mood!

Inside the quietest place in Britain

By Andy van den Bent-Kelly for Mancunion

Aside from the interesting subject matter, we were really impressed by Mancunion‘s graphics on this article.

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