Flash Front Pages Friday 04/11

Flash Front Pages Friday 04/11

Flash Front Pages Friday 04/11

I’ve got a shorthand exam next week, what the hell am I doing putting this together?! Oh well, here’s a pick of the best front pages, articles and social media from the past week. Don’t expect me to do this for every edition! It’s back to the usual two articles and a GIF next week!

Gair Rhydd, Cardiff University


Gair Rhydd have a juicy exclusive for their front page splash! You can read the full article here.

Epigram, Bristol University


Really relevant student issue and what a fantastic image to accompany the story! Read the full article here.

Palatinate, University of Durham

Great to see more and more student publications beginning to print supplements. Looks absolutely splendid!

BUMF, Arts University Bournemouth


BUMF have a great line in elegant magazine covers, with their latest being no exception!

The Boar, Warwick Uni


Scrutiny is an essential part of journalism, I need not tell you that. The Boar pulls this off as well as asking some quite thought-provoking questions on some important topics.

 The Badger, University of Sussex


This week’s Live Tweet of the Week comes from The Badger. They picked some of the best quotes from a Trump v Clinton mock debate for your delectation!


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