#FlashFriday 11/11: The US Election

#FlashFriday 11/11: The US Election

#FlashFriday 11/11: The US Election

So, against all odds, Donald Trump has won the US election.

In what seems to be the toughest year in history, the SPA are here to sum up the best coverage of the election!

Students at UK universities react to president-elect Donald Trump – and it isn’t a happy picture


Sally Hall, The National Student


Badger Live: 2016 US Election


Luke Richards, The Badger

Make America great again: why I would vote for Donald J Trump


Theo Cox Dodgson, Exepose


Five things we can learn from the US election


Ramiye Thavabalasigam, bathimpact

And the best of the live-tweets

Exeter’s Exepose did a great job live-tweeting, with beautiful and timely original, clean and branded graphics.

Warwick’s Boar live-tweeted well, full of clever insights and quick with breaking news. They also did a great job using multimedia to get live-reactions throughout the night





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