#GE2015: SPA Members Live Coverage

#GE2015: SPA Members Live Coverage

#GE2015: SPA Members Live Coverage

Up for an election all-nighter? Our members are! Check out who’s doing what for some of the finest election coverage in the land!

The ScratchLive TV talk show and tweeting results (Birmingham)

EpigramLive blog and coverage (Bristol)

Wessex Scene: Live blog and coverage (Southampton)

ConcreteLive blog and supplement (East Anglia)

Politics Made Public: Live blog and coverage (National)

The Rabbit: Live blog and coverage (Essex)

Forge PressLive blog and filming (Sheffield)

Redbrick: Live blog and coverage (Birmingham)

Trident Media: Live blog and coverage (Hertfordshire)

Gair Rhydd: Live blog and coverage (Cardiff)


You can also find our Chair Jem Collins covering live for KMTV in Medway and Digital Media Officer Bree Allegretti in Brighton for Sky News.

We will be running a full election coverage round-up after the actual event – so do come back later too!

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