#SPANC22 National Awards Shortlists Announced!

#SPANC22 National Awards Shortlists Announced!

On Monday, March 21 2022, the shortlists for the SPA’s National Awards were announced on Twitter. They can be found in full below:

Best Publication (sponsored by News Associates)

  • Glasgow Guardian
  • Forge Press
  • Palatinate
  • SCAN
  • Concrete
  • Impact Magazine
  • The Mancunion
  • The River
  • Roar News
  • The Mic

Billy Dowling-Reid Award for Outstanding Commitment (sponsored by Bloomberg)

  • Max Kendix & Today Donegan-Cross, Palatinate
  • Niamh Robinson, Impact
  • Bridget O’Sullivan, Orbital
  • Dolly Carter, Concrete
  • Tabi Lambei, SCAN
  • Ananya Asthma, The Economic Tribune
  • Anttoni James Numminen, The Gaudie
  • Asees Kaur, Bath Time Magazine
  • Josh Aberman, Strand Magazine

Best Specialist Publication

  • ScienceMind
  • The Lemon Press
  • Oxford Review of Books
  • PITH
  • Res Publica
  • The Economic Tribune
  • The Mic Magazine

Best Magazine Design

  • Kindred Magazine
  • Wessex Scene
  • The Magdalen
  • Glasgow University Magazine (GUM)
  • Platform
  • Sleeveless
  • Impact Magazine
  • Strand Magazine
  • The Croft
  • The Mic Magazine

Best Newspaper Design

  • The Boar
  • Exeposé
  • Nouse
  • York Vision
  • Palatinate
  • Epigram
  • Roar News
  • The Mancunion
  • The Saint
  • University Express

Best Newcomer Publication

  • ScienceMind
  • Carrot Magazine
  • Kindred Magazine
  • Sleeveless
  • The Scoop

Best Reporter (sponsored by the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism at Nottingham Trent University)

  • Ed Halford, Nouse
  • Luke Chafer, The Glasgow Guardian
  • Matt Ward-Perkins, York Vision
  • Max Kendix, Palatinate
  • Dolly Carter, Concrete
  • Ella Robinson, The Mancunion
  • Jody Druce, The University Times
  • Poppy Askham, Palatinate
  • Waseem Mohamed, Palatinate

Best News Story (sponsored by News Associates)

  • ‘Durham attainment gap doubles during pandemic’, Elizabeth McBride, Palatinate
  • ‘YUSUS commits elections branding u-turn after failure to recognise disabled prejudice’, Ed Halford & Lucie Cooper, Nouse
  • ‘Students feel let down by mitigating circumstances process as University received over 3,500 applications’, Jill Cushen, Cherwell
  • ‘New testing measures after cheating rose exponentially last year’, Jordan Hunter, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘Putin’s “hockey buddy” funded Teddy Hall and Saïd Business School’, Charlie Hancock & Maurício Alencar, Cherwell
  • ‘Fygone: the story of the failed start-up’, Max Kendix, Sarah Matthews, & Daniel Hodgson, Palatinate
  • ‘Students hid in rooms as intruders scaled Wentworth College walls’, Sharanya Kumar & Ruth Kelner, York Vision
  • ‘North Yorkshire Police’s Plans for Student ID Cards During Second Lockdown’, Perkin Amalaraj, York Vision
  • ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Strike Action’, Emilia Deveikyte & Rusheen Bansal, The Cheese Grater
  • ‘”The worst management I’ve ever had the misery of working for”: Former employees allege University mismanagement of Ram’, Oliver Leader de Saxe, Exeposé

Best Comment Piece

  • ‘Down and Out in Oxford: The Crisis of Homelessness’, Raef Murphy, The Oxford Student
  • ‘Spiking has taken away my feeling of safety – why is it my responsibility to get it back?’, Liv Corvett, The Boar
  • ‘I forgot that you existed…’, Hailie Pentleton, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘The paradox of Black excellence’, Abigail Williams, The Beaver
  • ‘Voice elitism: The struggles of a regional accent’, Carly Horne, The Courier
  • ‘We are dyspraxia and we are sick of judgement’, Chris Gambon, Redbrick
  • ‘Having Two Names: My Experience’, Julia Lee, Redbrick
  • ‘This year, let’s change the eating disorder discourse’, Lucy Dunn, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘The A Word: Why we shouldn’t shy away from it’, Lizzie Knowles, Nouse
  • ‘The Danger of De-platformning at the LSE’, Ella Heeley, The Beaver

Best Newcomer Individual (Rising Star)

  • Emily Doughty, Palatinate
  • Elizabeth McBride, Palatinate
  • Jasmine Alakija, Liberty Belle Magazine
  • Ruth Kelner, York Vision
  • Jeevan Farthing, The Glasgow Guardian
  • Kirsty King, The Scoop
  • Marine Saint, Epigram
  • Libby Elliot, The Mancunion
  • Gemma Murphy, Strathclyde Telegraph
  • Talia Andrea, Strand Magazine

Best Human Rights Coverage (sponsored by EachOther)

  • ‘Recent rise in LGBTQ+ homelessness in Bristol explained’, Billy Stockwell, Epigram
  • ‘Over 10% of Bristol’s student population have a hidden disability, but how would you know?’, Flossie Palmer, Epigram
  • ‘Hundreds in Scotland protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine’, Athina Bohner, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘What progress has been made this Harm Awareness Month?’, Lucy Dunn, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘Today at COP Podcast’, Fraser McFarlane & Lucy Dunn, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘Mental Health Counselling Crisis: Just 12 counsellors for 2,826 students’, Ella Robinson, The Mancunion
  • ‘Disabled students speak out’, Ella Kipling, Redbrick
  • ‘The criminalisation of sex work is the spark of more violence: how sex workers are coping with UK laws since the pandemic’, Carolina Piras, Sane Magazine
  • ‘Disabled students are getting uneven support’, Jack Breeching, The Beaver
  • ‘PalTV: Coverage of Ukraine and spiking’, Palatinate

Best Website

  • Kindred Magazine
  • Liberty Belle
  • The Magdalen Magazine
  • Economic Tribune
  • Impact Magazine
  • Palatinate
  • Bath Time Magazine
  • The Beaver
  • The Saint

Best Feature

  • ‘Getting the hole story’, Charles Gorrivan, The Saint
  • ‘Losing a parent at a young age’, Anna Friel, Impact Magazine
  • ‘Student fees funnelled into fossil fuel sector through pension investments’, Billy Stockwell, Epigram
  • ‘Two years on: York’s first COVID-19 cases’, Matt Ward-Perkins, York Vision
  • ‘COP diaries (Day Four)’, Lucy Dunn, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘Deconstructing Bristol’s suicide narrative’, Alexander Sampson, Epigram
  • ‘Former Warwick student on reporting sexual assault to the Student Union’, Celia Bergin & Cerys Turner, The Boar
  • ‘Instagram exposed: Young women’s reality of a toxic addiction’, Kate Bang-Hall, Kindred
  • ‘Sir Harry Evans: Palatinate’s greatest editor?’, George Simms, Palatinate
  • ‘Through fire and floods: trouble in student halls’, Lara Wiebecke, The Beaver

Best Interview (Sponsored by PA Training)

  • ‘The Story of Ahmad Nawaz’, Alex Foster, The Oxford Student
  • ‘Misscoteque – a night out for she’s and they’s to feel safe and celebrated’, Flossie Palmer, Epigram
  • ‘”Second years are my most active customers”, reveals student drug dealer in exclusive interview’, Eden Fall-Bailey, The Boar
  • ‘In conversation with: Lemn Sissay’, Serafina Kenny, The Mancunion
  • ‘”There are Russian troops behind you”: Durham student and her cats escape Ukraine’, Waseem Mohamed, Palatinate
  • ‘The personal toll of India’s pandemic’, Marino Unger-Verna, Roar News
  • ‘Ukrainian UEA student Oleksii Burov: “it’s not Ukraine’s fault, it’s not the West’s fault, it’s Putin’s fault”‘, Dolly Carter, Concrete
  • ‘Sophie Corcoran: “The students can represent themselves, they’re not children”‘, Elizabeth McBride, Palatinate
  • ‘Nottingham club’s response to recent spikings: Protecting the public or their image’, Esmé McKenzie, Impact Magainze
  • ‘Bringing her A-Game: Marcia on being a friend, a mother, and a manager at LSE’, Beatriz Silva, The Beaver

Best Student Photographer

  • Zo Wu, SOAS Spirit
  • Alny Shiyam, InQuire Media
  • Finn Mckenzie, Impact Magazine
  • Antonio Ross, The Mancunion
  • Adeline Zhao, Palatinate
  • Abigail Mason, The Saint
  • Thomas Tomlinson, Palatinate

Best Arts & Culture Piece

  • ‘Live Review: Away From Home Festival’, Julia Lee, Redbrick
  • ‘Review: Amartey Golding’s Bring Me to Beal @ Tramway’, Jeevan Farthing, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘In a Dollhouse: The ethics of playing with Twitch streamers’ lives’, Katrina Sian Williams, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘Why is spiking so absent onscreen?’, Pip Carew, The Mancunion
  • ‘How Taylor Swift is reclaiming her art’, Put Khan Cheah, Quench Magazine
  • ‘Dark Souls: Prepare to Transition Edition’, Ask Vertergaard, The Gaudie
  • ‘Asexuality in a sex-crazed world: reviewing modern representation’, Isabelle Brown, Shorthand
  • ‘What Were You Wearing: An Exhibition by It Happens Here’, Hanna Pham, Roar News
  • ‘What can artists do to make their gigs more accessible?’, Serena Jemmett, The Mancunion
  • ‘Movember: Mental health on the big screen’, Rory Bucchieri, The Gaudie

Best Political Piece

  • ‘Field report from Poland: How is the Ukrainian refugee situation handled?’, Anasuya Virmani, The Gaudie
  • ‘Race to the Bottom: UCL’s Commercialisation Comes at a Cost’, Alfie Pannell, The Cheese Grater
  • ‘The Conversation with Julian Sturdy MP’, Gracie Daw, Nouse
  • ‘”Heating your Home vs Feeding your Family”: Protestors Gather in Glasgow Against the Rising Cost of Living’, Rebecca Kerr, Brig Newspaper

Best Sports Section

  • Concrete
  • The Boar
  • Nouse
  • York Vision
  • The Falmouth Anchor
  • Brig Newspaper
  • Palatinate

Best Lifestyle Piece

  • ‘An Evening in Amman: Habibi Funk’, Artemis Sianni-Wedderburn, SOAS Spirit
  • ‘Nature’s galleries: outdoor art around the UK’, Gracie Linthwaite, Palatinate
  • ‘Sorry, I’m busy…’, Jeevan Farthing, The Glasgow Guardian
  • ‘One for the bucket list: A gastronomic tour of Japan’, Rebecca Whalley, Redbrick
  • ‘The “Hotness Gap” Relationship Phenomena’, Lucy Carter, The Boar

Best Sports Reporter

  • Matt Ward-Perkins, York Vision
  • Ruth Kelner, York Vision
  • Oscar Ress, Concrete
  • Claire Thomson, The Glasgow Guardian
  • Josh Collins, Impact Magazine
  • Abi Curran, Palatinate
  • Miriam Leyshon, The Falmouth Anchor

Best Entertainment Piece

  • ‘Oxford Clubbing: A Guide by someone who has never been clubbing in Oxford’, Alex Foster, The Oxford Student
  • ‘Two libraries go to way after Taylor taunts “size of Rice’s hole”‘, Wagril Slane, The Gaudie
  • ‘Overture’, Leo Li, Palatinate
  • ‘Graduation ceremonies to be held in McDonald’s’, Wagril Slane, The Gaudie
  • ‘The Ivy’, Lucy Carter, Cobalt
  • ‘Molly Mae is the Queen of Quotes’, Tania Tang, The Cheese Grater

Best Science Publication or Section (sponsored by the Association of British Science Writers)

  • ScienceMind
  • The Boar
  • Impact Magazine
  • Concrete
  • I, Science
  • Palatinate
  • The Mancunion
  • Kinesis
  • Epigram

Best Science or Tech Piece (sponsored by the Association of British Science Writers)

  • ‘”The Best Years of Our Lives”: Long-Term Implication of the Student Experience’, Abbie Rodger & Adam Goriparthi, Impact Magazine
  • ‘Behind the science of spiking’, Oliver Fisher, York Vision
  • ‘Citizen scientists: How amateur scientists are advancing astronomy’, Emma Hattersley, The Mancunion
  • ‘”There’s only one Iceland… there must be something special there”: Professor Gillian Foulger on the hidden continent of Iceland’, Cameron McAllister, Palatinate
  • ‘Let’s Look Up: An asteroid impact hypothetical’, Ethan Attwood, Nouse
  • ‘”We need systematic change at the top”: In Conversation with Dr Leah Morabito’, Caitlin Painter, Palatinate
  • ‘In Inside Look at COP26’, Jemma Powell, Gair Rhydd
  • ‘Breaking boundaries: The STEM vs Humanities divide’, Sarah Dalton, Epigram
  • ‘Crypto on Campus’, Oliver Leader de Saxe, Exeposé

Best Overall Digital Media (sponsored by City, University of London)

  • Nouse
  • Impact Magazine
  • The Glasgow Guardian
  • Glasgow University Magazine (GUM)
  • Empowered Journalism
  • The Gaudie
  • The Beaver

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