Splash Sunday 13/08

Splash Sunday 13/08

Splash Sunday 13/08


Any review that starts with: “I saw Christmas trees talking to faeces,” has already got me hooked. Film Editor John James from RedBrick sat through the newly released Emoji Movie to clue us into why exactly we shouldn’t go and see it, describing it as a cheap knock off of Inside Out which needs to be hounded to the edge of the earth.
“A vapid cultural troglodyte” – the review ends as it starts, on a fabulous high of insults and makes for a very entertaining read.

You can read Redbrick’s review, chosen by Megan Baynes (Marketing Officer), in full here.

The Student

It’s the Edinburgh Fringe at the moment which means my old haunt The Student is doing its very best to cover the best (and the worst) of the biggest arts festival in the world. James Hanton was able to sit down with the one and only Alex Salmond in a wide ranging and light hearted interview about his show ‘Alex Salmond: Unleashed”. Check out The Student’s website for more reviews in case you’re heading to Edinburgh this August.

Read The Student’s interview with the ex-SNP leader, selected by Conor Matchett (Development Officer) here.

Wessex Scene

This is an interesting feature on a subject that I have not seen covered anywhere else.

It draws attention to a problem that I didn’t know existed prior to reading the article and manages to be both thorough and concise.

Wessex Scene’s fascinating piece, chosen by James Chesson (Digital Media Officer) can be read here.

Forge Press

Student publications’ sports sections often get stuck figuring out how to write content that isn’t just match reviews. However, Forge Sport have done a brilliant job of covering the gap in student fixtures over the summer by writing a feature about an international event which doesn’t usually get press coverage. It’s a brilliant read!

Read Chair Dan Falvey’s pick here.


“A number of high profile universities boycotted the NSS as part of a nationwide protest. As a result, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Manchester and Sheffield have been omitted from the results.” – Palatinate report on the NSS boycott and its implications

Read the rest of the piece here.

The Boar

A great article about a really important subject, which shows that homelessness and hunger are issues that aren’t limited to cities like London. It’s also a great example of a student publication acting as a linked between its campus-based audience, and the issues going on in the wider area.

Read the rest of The Boar’s piece here.

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