Splash Sunday 23/10

Splash Sunday 23/10

Palatinate, University of Durham

This is very exciting! Love to see people take on multimedia for their content! Looking forward to seeing the video and more from Palatinate TV!

Epigram, University of Bristol

Quick tip: if you send me dogs, you’re going in Splash Sunday/Flash Friday/Spread Saturday/Masthead Monday…. suggestions for the remaining three days in the comments please!

Also, quick note: LOVE the Epigram website. Their team are so on it!

Impact Magazine, University of Nottingham

Really good interview by Impact with the group accused of mocking the Alton Towers crash victims. Great sourcing, great interviewing, great work!

Concrete, UEA

Got shared to the Facebook group a week or so ago, but for those of you who didn’t get chance to read it, this is well worth your time!

If you want to save me trawling through Tweetdeck for best part of an hour, you can always just send stuff to @SPAJournalism. Or just plonk it in the Facebook group.

‘Til next time!

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