Splash Sunday 25/06

Splash Sunday 25/06

It’s been a busy week for student journalists: with the government releasing their Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) rankings, many of you across the country rushed to cover what this would mean for your institution. Here are a few of the best:

UEA was awarded a silver TEF ranking.

UEA awarded silver in new ranking

The University of Bristol was ranked silver – here’s Epigram’s report. http://epigram.org.uk/news/2017/06/university-bristol-ranked-silver-tef

Exeter received a gold ranking.

Exeter awarded Gold in TEF ratings

York Vision
York Vision’s piece on their university’s silver ranking also covered the controversy over the TEF.

TEF: Uni of York Miss Out On Gold

But the gold medal (ha ha ha) goes to the Mancunion for their coverage of the TEF rankings in two separate articles: this piece by Jenny Sterne: “The release of the controversial Teaching Excellence Framework’s results shocked many, with only eight Russell Group universities receiving gold, although many have questioned the rankings’ validity.” and this analysis from SU Education Officer Emma Atkins: “Harnessing fees to the TEF will incentivise universities to abandon what is actually teaching excellence in favour of the TEF’s flawed definition of quality.” Fab stuff guys!

A few other things to mention:

This piece from Brig Newspaper, in Stirling, on the Spiked Free Speech rankings.
Stirling receives bottom marks in Free Speech University Rankings

The Saint
And this from The Saint, in Edinburgh, on Michael Palin being awarded an honorary doctorate of science at one of the university’s graduation ceremonies. (We’re definitely not at all jealous…)
Read the interview with him here:

Michael Palin receives honourary degree

The Print
And finally, in case you missed it (because I clearly did) here’s a short and snappy piece from The Print, at Queen Mary University of London, on the accidental early release of third-year politics students’ dissertation grades!

Technical error causes early release of marks for politics students

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