Flash Friday 06/10: Drug Dealing, Deposits & Machetes

Flash Friday 06/10: Drug Dealing, Deposits & Machetes

Flash Friday 06/10: Drug Dealing, Deposits & Machetes

It’s Flash Friday! Gathering the very best of student media from throughout the week!


Police and KU ask students to help fight drug dealers

By Maria Delgado Gonçalves for The River


Image by @MPSKingston

Brilliant bit of journalism by The River about attempts by the Metropolitan Police and Kingston University to clamp down on drug dealing in the local area.

We especially loved how they gathered quotes from a number of different parties, including the police and students.

Students most likely to lose deposits

By Ben Parr for Epigram

Photo by Adrian Scottow

Photo by Adrian Scottow

Proper student journalism here! Epigram revealing students are twice as likely to lose their deposits, according to the Deposit Protection Service.

This is a really important issue and it’s great that Epigram are highlighting it.

As students, we’re all privileged

By Katherine Corneilson for PI Media


Photo by Nottingham Trent University

Well, the column is called Unpopular Opinion and it sure is. Yet we salute bravery at the SPA!

This raises a discussion about value for money from universities, and whether or not students do get a much better deal than people are age are otherwise given.

Solent Halls Evacuated Following Fire

By Bridie Pearson- Jones for Wessex Scene


Photo by Wessex Scene

Good example of some breaking news journalism by Wessex Scene here. Getting the information, getting it right and getting it out as soon as possible.

Commercial road closed following suspected machete attack

By Paisley Tedder for The Galleon

Photo by Spotted Portsmouth

Photo by Spotted Portsmouth

Another great piece of news journalism there. The Galleon have constructed a fantastic, informative article which really draws a reader in.

And to top it all of, they’ve made a headline which at once tells the reader everything they need to know, yet also makes them want to read more.

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