Flash Friday 11/12: Storm Desmond, Kingston pound and a paper boy

Flash Friday 11/12: Storm Desmond, Kingston pound and a paper boy

Flash Friday 11/12: Storm Desmond, Kingston pound and a paper boy

It’s almost Christmas! If you’re not in the festive mood yet, why not? Perhaps some of our members’ features will help.


Sussex president pays for 200m delivery service 

By Will Saunders for The Badger
Image: Telegraph Blogs

Image: Telegraph Blogs

Sussex’s students’ union president Abe Baldry pays for the Guardian to be hand delivered 200 metres to his desk, it has emerged.

The newspaper is delivered by the Union Shop, which is in the building where he works and is less than a two-minute walk from his office.

Kingston to roll out new currency

By Nikita Jadav for River Online
Image: Beautiful England

Image: Beautiful England

Kingston upon Thames is set to receive its own currency, the Kingston Pound.

The council is encouraging local businesses to pay their business rates using the pound, which will be equivalent to one pound sterling.

The change is being made in an effort to boost the local economy.

UCLan opens library to flood affected students

By Emili Peake for Pluto
Image: Pluto

Image: Pluto

UCLan has granted access to the library for students from Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria.

Following the events of the weekend’s Storm Desmond, both Lancaster and Cumbria are intermittently without power.

Lancaster University has now closed early for the Christmas holidays, as has the Carlisle and Lancaster campuses of University of Cumbria.

UEA student questioned by Special Branch over Isis reading 

By Peter Sheehan for Concrete

This investigative story hit national news. Read more


Digestible news, a nib at a time.

Christmas: Then v Now

By Emily Alvarenga for Trident Media

A look back to past traditions – how do they differ from how we celebrate Christmas today?

The Holloweigian and the city: A Christmas culture guide 

By Abigail Turner for The Orbital

We love this city guide to Christmas. It makes us want to tackle Oxford Street (not really, don’t be silly).

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